Payment Plan

Season Pass Payment Plan

The Payment plan option ended on April 1, 2018. If you have already purchased season passes using the Payment Plan, please click Payments to access and check your account. If you have any questions, please email


Use the Payment Plan program and we’ll charge your credit card with two (2) monthly payments – with no interest fees.  Using the Payment Plan to purchase a season pass(es) constitutes the purchaser agrees to the following Terms and Conditions.  Purchase is non-refundable and non-transferable. Failure to complete the payments as indicated upon purchase will result in the suspension of the item or package and the purchaser will not receive the item or package until such time when payment is made in full. All Payments must be received by May 1, 2018. If payments are not received for any reason the season pass is not valid and no refunds will be issued.  Passes are only valid for 2018 Operating Season and cannot be transferred to subsequent years.

Your Season Pass purchase will be paid in two equal payments.  One-half of the Season Pass price will be charged today, along with all of the taxes and the regular online service fee.  In 30 days, we'll charge your credit card for the remaining 1/2 of the total purchase price. The Payment Plan can be used for other product purchases (Season Parking Pass, Season Locker Pass, and Season Dining Plan).  If you choose to add other items to the order, those products will be charged to your credit card in full today.

If payment is not received for any reason, the Season Pass transaction will be cancelled and no refund will be issued.  All the payments will be billed to the initial credit card (or approved payment method) on a recurring 30-days basis until payment is made in full. Payments declined for processing for any reason will be retried once after a 3-day waiting period. If Nashville Shores is unable to confirm payment method, the transaction will be cancelled. A suspended status notice will be sent to the purchaser with instructions on how to reinstate the transaction. To revive the account, the purchaser will be required to make payment by logging into the payment portal at  

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