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New: Cash-Free

Nashville Shores is 100% Cash-Free for the 2023 season. With our new Cash-to-Card system, we are able to conduct contactless transactions, and it’s faster, safer, and always secure. All ticket booths, parking tolls, concession stands, retail locations, and bars now require the use of card or mobile payment, i.e., Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa, MasterCard, etc.

It’s easy to convert your cash to a debit card that’s good for all purchases (inside the park and out!). Simply visit a kiosk at the front entrance of the park or at Beachcomber Lockers.  Minimum upload amount is $5. Up to $500 can be loaded on a card.  The cards can be used anywhere at Nashville Shores and at any outside business that accepts Visa cards.

* Please Note: Parking tolls requires card or mobile payment.

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